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Welcome to the Staff page. Here we'll list all the people who make Science Visions possible.

* The Executive Committee: Fedora Sutton, Eugene Butler, Don Kenefick, Larry Browning, Cindy Kruse, Wayne Sande, Sharon Gutormson, Mitzi Trooien, Bob Semrad, Saila Gandhi and Amy Lewis.
* The Advisory Council: 35 members who are community links to the fields of Business, Marketing, Informal Learning, Art, Science, Technology, and Industry.
* Our collaborators: The Ag Heritage Museum, Brookings Public Library, Community Cultural Center, Park and Rec, South Dakota Childrens Museum, South Dakota Art Museum, the Science Museum of Minnesota, South Dakota State University, the University of Illinois, and the University of Minnesota.
* Program Facilitators: David Cartrette, Paul Johnson, Jerry Krueger, Matt Miller, Scott Pederson, Dale Sparling, and  Bob Swenson
* Explainers and Youth Helpers: Richelle Auch, Yvette Butler, Gabe Erion, Jessica Erion, Rachel Henson, Marty Kloster, Chase Meyer, Kayla Nelson, Liz Roden, and Kirby Trooien